Dairy Innovation Day 2016

28 April 2016
Region: Geographe

Dairy Innovation Day is an example of your Dairy Service Levy “in action”
Brought to you by the partnership of Western Dairy, Dairy Australia and industry sponsors. This year’s DID-Day theme focuses on two key areas of farm business: Managing people and managing cows.

WHEN: Thursday 28 April, 2016     9.00am to 4.00pm

WHERE: Hosted by Darren & Sharon Merritt in their newly constructed dairy. 181 Elgin Road, Elgin (North of the Elgin Hall).

PROGRAM: DID Day 2016 Program and Rego Form

Evening (28 April): The WAFarmers Dairy Industry Dinner and Brownes Dairy Young Dairy Farmer of the Year Awards at Lighthouse Beach Resort, Bunbury (6.30pm)

Next Day (29 April): Gundagai Recovery Breakfast Farm Visit, 1022 Gavins Road, Boyanup (8.30am-10.00am).

RSVP: Register at westerndairy.com.au and click on the DID-Day link. Or, use the manual registration form. Bookings for DID Day, the tours and the dinner are essential.


ENQUIRIES: Jessica Andony: 0435 174 719; or jessica@westerndairy.com.au

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