As the traditional owners of the South West, the Noongar people have interacted with the land, the sea, the waters, the plants and animals sustainably for tens of thousands of years. They call this caring for Country and the boodja (land) is their mother.

The greatest opportunity we have to continue to care for Country in the South West is for Noongar people to be part of driving positive environmental and social change, for the benefit of future generations.

The South West Catchments Council is committed to engaging and collaborating with Noongar people at all levels of Natural Resource Management, from policy development to on-ground action.

By continuing to work together, Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people can make a difference today to develop a sustainable environment for tomorrow.


Welcome to our 2015-2016 Annual Report

The South West Catchments Council (SWCC) is the regional Natural Resource Management (NRM) organisation for the South West of Western Australia. We work with the community to care for the environment, our agricultural land and our local communities. We do this in many ways; working to improve biodiversity, protecting coastal environments, working with farmers to improve agricultural practices, and engaging with our extensive community network to increase knowledge and skills in environmental management.

We are very proud of this year’s achievements, which we have undertaken in partnership with the community and a range of other important project partners and stakeholders.

We hope you enjoy!

Working together to make a difference today and develop a sustainable environment for tomorrow.

Executive Messages
> David Gardner
Chair – South West Catchments Council
> Damien Postma
CEO – South West Catchments Council

The SWCC team has worked hard over the last year, together with community volunteers and our key partners, to achieve a range of positive outcomes for the South West environment.

There have been both challenges and cause for cheer along the way, but the collective outcomes as a result of this effort speak for themselves.

We look forward to continuing to work in collaboration with the South West community.

VALE Chris Gibbs (1952 – 2015)

In loving memory of our dear friend and colleague.

We are honoured to have worked with such an amazing human being.

Chris’ natural enthusiasm and love of all things science and environment shined though his work with schools, coastcare groups, Aboriginal groups, Vietnam veterans, soldiers, prisoners and mental health recovery groups among many others.

He only saw possibility and opportunity.

His legacy will continue on at SWCC, in the organisation and the staff, and with the thousands of children and adults across the South West and beyond that he inspired along his journey.

Chris will always be in our hearts and memories.



A visual snapshot of our activities throughout the year, including photos, videos and media promotion.

Building Capacity
Building Capacity
Community Engagement
Community Engagement
On The Ground
On The Ground
Spreading the Word
Spreading the Word


Our key focus will continue to be the implementation of innovative and best practice projects under the National Landcare Programme. We will continue to support and engage with the South West community, Noongar people, farmers, groups and other organisations.

We are working with our local communities to build a more collaborative framework, and enable more collaborative project planning for our combined projects beyond 2018.

We look forward to continuing the strong outcomes achieved through our existing partnership projects such as the Western Dairy Research, Development and Extension Hub, and the Vasse-Wonnerup Investigation Node research projects.

A very positive development this year has been the formation of SWCC Consulting, which we hope will allow us to undertake a range of management works on a contractor basis, and independently fund other projects.

Further partnerships, business development and alternative funding opportunities will continue to be a priority in the new financial year.

SWCC is looking forward to continuing to deliver projects that protect our natural environment and improve sustainable agricultural productivity across the South West, in partnership with the community.



SWCC would like to thank the local communities across the South West Region for their hard work and commitment to looking after their local environment and agricultural land.

We are honoured to work alongside our Regional Partners, landholders, industry partners, research institutions, government agencies, local government, Aboriginal organisations, community groups and volunteers in the delivery of NRM and Landcare in the South West Region. All of our achievements are shared with this dynamic and supportive network.

We also thank members of the SWCC Association, Regional Coordination Team and other working groups and steering committees for the guidance, assistance and support provided to us in the delivery of our projects.

The Australian Government is acknowledged and thanked for the ongoing support for NRM through the National Landcare Programme, Green Army, and 20 Million Trees funding, which have continued to assist many groups and farmers across the Region.

Thank you also to the Government of Western Australian and State NRM Office for their support of the NRM community and the South West environment.

And finally, to the many private organisations who have provided support and volunteering for our NRM projects, we thank you.

We look forward to continuing to work together to achieve more environmental, economic and community outcomes for the South West, so that it continues to thrive.