About Us

‘Working together to make a difference today and develop a sustainable environment for tomorrow.’

Here at the South West Catchments Council, or SWCC as we’re otherwise known, our job put simply is to work with the community in caring for our south west environment.

We are the recognised regional natural resource management body for the South West Region and as such we receive regional funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Programme to better protect and restore our important environmental assets.

There are 55 other regional bodies just like us across the country helping to achieve a nation-wide approach to management and restoration of our environment.

As the south west regional body, we represent and work closely with a wide range of local community groups. This includes working in partnership in delivering on-ground projects or providing funding and support to groups delivering the projects themselves.

Currently, we have 27 staff members that make up our dynamic team, working across four offices throughout the South West Region. Our team love living and working in the south west and are continually inspired by the passion and commitment shown by members of our local community. Whether they’re revegetating land on their own farm or helping to clean up our beaches, countless hours of volunteer time are donated by our community everyday to help care for our environment. Our team is committed to continue supporting the community wherever possible to develop a more sustainable environment for future generations to enjoy.


Ph: 9724 2400 swcc@swccnrm.org.au