Cape to Cape Catchments Group

Cape to Cape Catchments Group

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CCG Chair’s Report 2015

The Cape to Cape Catchments Group (CCG) works with community and agencies to understand, protect and improve our local environment. The CCG works in the area between Cape Naturaliste and Cape Leeuwin, extending inland to include waterways flowing to the coast.

The group works with a diverse range of stakeholders including landholders, community groups, schools, local and state government and industry to cooperatively improve understanding and management of our natural resources. They also undertake projects to protect and improve biodiversity and water quality, and work with landholders and local governments to enhance riparian areas and bush reserves.

Through advice, funding and assistance the CCG helps land managers to:

  • Fence waterways, wetlands and remnant vegetation to control stock access.
  • Undertake revegetation to improve ecological values and control erosion.
  • Control environmental weeds such as arum lily, blackberry and watsonia.
  • Control feral animals including foxes and cats
  • Implement erosion control work.

They also promote environmental education in schools and organise workshops, field days and events.

The CCG publishes information to promote the unique biodiversity of our region and produces regular ‘Streamlines‘ newsletters which report on the group’s projects, natural resource management work by other community groups and upcoming events.

The CCG has an open membership and welcomes members and volunteers from all walks of life.

Visit the Cape to Cape Catchment Group’s website for more information.


Ph: 9724 2400