Leschenault Catchment Council

Leschenault Catchment Council

The Leschenault Catchment Council (LCC) was formed in 2000, through the amalgamation of two community-led NRM groups – the Leschenault Inlet Management Authority and the Leschenault Catchment Coordinating Group.

The Council has 16 Active members from community, local government, industry and State government representatives and links to many other groups.

The Leschenault subregional boundaries encompass the Leschenault Estuary and the Preston, Collie, Ferguson, Wellesley and Brunswick River systems and the Wellington Dam and its catchment (the upper Collie River).

A management strategy for the catchment of the Leschenault Estuary was prepared by the Leschenault Catchment Coordinating Group (1996) and amended in 2007 expanding the range of natural resource assets it deals with and including the issues of the catchment above the Wellington Dam.

The Council develops partnerships with stakeholders and the community to coordinate strategic, educational and on grounds projects to support NRM. This includes the development and release of planning documents such as the Leschenault Catchment Management Strategy and River Action Plans and works with the South West Catchments Council in developing regional strategies and investment planning for NRM.

Support is also provided to community education such as the very successful Ribbons of Blue program, which teaches school children and adults about the values of a healthy water environment.

LCC, through its projects, works with landholders, local government, industry, community and indigenous groups to take specific rehabilitation and revegetation projects across the catchment to improve the ecological, cultural and aesthetic values of our natural assets.

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Ph: 9724 2400 swcc@swccnrm.org.au