The Leschenault catchment is situated approximately 150 km south of Perth and covers an area of approximately 4,808 sq km. The catchment encompasses the Collie, Preston, Wellesley, Brunswick and Ferguson Rivers, as well as several wetlands, creeks, and small waterways.

This catchment has many significant features including a number of high conservation value wetlands, threatened ecological communities and several species of rare flora and fauna.

The Leschenault Estuary, a prominent water feature within the catchment holds global significance because of its microfauna and national significance for its geo-heritage and mangroves. The estuary is home for up to 62 species of water birds, with 17 of these listed under the Japan Australia Migratory Bird Agreement or the China Australia Migratory Bird Agreement.

There are at least 21 ‘threatened’ or ‘specially protected’ plant species occurring in the Leschenault catchment.

The Leschenault catchment supports a diverse range of flora and fauna species, with over 21 threatened’ or ‘specially protected’ plant species. Whilst some fauna species such as the Western Grey Kangaroo are common, many others are now rarely seen or are restricted in range and have been afforded special protection status.

They include:

  • Western Ringtail Possum (vulnerable)
  • Quenda (conservation dependent)
  • Brushtailed Phascogale (priority 3)
  • Chuditch (vulnerable)
  • Baudin’s Black Cockatoo
  • Carnaby’s Black Cockatoo (threatened)
  • Red-tailed Black Cockatoo (priority 4)

There are a number of threats to the biodiversity within the Leschenault catchment including:

  • Vegetation clearing and fragmentation
  • Introduced weed species
  • Degradation of waterways and wetlands
  • Phytophthora dieback
  • Feral animals
  • Altered fire regimes
  • Changes and hydrology and
  • Climate change.

The threat of invasive weeds is increasing as a major threat to the survival of many native plant species, especially with the ongoing sale of invasive garden plants.

Serious environmental weeds in the Leschenault catchment include:

  • Watsonia
  • Blackberry
  • Cotton bush
  • Bridal creeper
  • Apple of Sodom
  • Pattersons Curse
  • Arum lily
  • Briar Rose and,
  • Slender knotweed.

Information dervied from Leschenault Catchment Council, (2007) Leschenault NRM Sub-Region Catchment Management Strategy


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