Warren region

Warren region

The Warren sub-region is located in the southeast corner of the South West NRM Region some 300 km south of Perth, covering approximately 7028 km2 and including the towns of Manjimup, Pemberton, Quinninup, Walpole and Northcliffe. This sub-region encompasses the catchments of the Donelly, Warren, Gardner, Shannon, Weld and Deep River systems as well as the western section of the Frankland River catchment.

The Warren sub-region contains some highly prized natural assets, in particular its highly valued waterways and iconic biodiversity. Large expanses of native vegetation provide a haven for a variety of flora and fauna species. However disease and introduced feral predators such as rabbits, foxes, cats and pigs have taken their toll, endangering animals such as Quokkas, Western Ringtail Possums, Brush Tail Possums, Chuditchs, Woylie, Numbat, Tammar and Black Gloved Wallabies and Quendas.

Warren is also home to the Ramsar listed Muir-Byenup Wetland system which provides a unique habitat for a variety of species, a drought refuge and a breeding habitat. It has been estimated that it can normally support up to 20,000 birds and can support up to 50,000 when full. Its swamps and edges are habitat for five species of Australian Bittern and support over 600 plant species including critically endangered orchids. The imposing Lake Muir covers a massive 4,600ha.

The Warren sub-region is well known for its towering karri forests – with some trees growing up to 90m in height making them one of the tallest trees in the world. Warren is also home to the famous Gloucester Tree. At an imposing 72m, this attraction is popular with brave tourists who make the climb and are rewarded with magnificent views from the top.

The area is equally significant for its highly productive agricultural industry, forestry production and tourism opportunities. Land and water degrading processes such as salinity, erosion, acidification, land-use conflicts, introduced pests and diseases and climate change pose key threats to these assets.

In addition to the rivers and forests, the Warren sub-region includes 125 km of coastline, including sections of the stunning D’Entrecasteaux National Park.


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