The South West NRM region is highly unique in biodiversity terms and forms part of the wider, interntionally recognised Southwest Australia Biodiversity Hotspot.  Of the 25 identified hotspots around the world, the Southwest Biodiversity Hotspot is the only one in Australia and forms part of the Southwest Botanical Province which stretches from Shark Bay to Esperance.

Our Environment Program has been active for many years and aims to protect and improve the biodiversity of the unique and diverse South West Region through the restoration of critical habitat and the management of invasive and feral species.

Currently the program focuses on protecting and managing a number of key assets within the region:

  • The Vasse-Wonnerup System 
  • Endangered Fauna
  • Feral Pig Control 
  • South West Threatened Ecological Communities (TECs)
  • The Ruabon-Tutunup Corridor
  • The Preston River to Ocean (proposed)Regional Park  

Our EnvironmentTeam is working hard to protect these important assets by undertaking a range of activities including increasing native habitat, revegetation, fencing and by reducing the impact of rabbits, foxes, feral pigs and weeds.

We aim to engage the South West community in projects wherever possible to promote knowledge and skills in biodiversity, by supporting NRM groups and increasing volunteer involvement in managing our natural resources.