Inland Linkages

The Inland Linkages project is a five year project running from 2013 to 2018, with funding being provided by the Australian Government. It seeks to identify natural areas that are forming ecological linkages in the landscape within the wheatbelt of the South West region. On-ground activities will then be focused on these areas in order to protect and enhance them for threatened species conservation, focusing particularly on threatened fauna and cockatoos

In the first year, SWCC worked with landholders and local Landcare groups to help conserve and protect habitat for many of our threatened species including the chuditch, numbat, red-tailed phascogale and black cockatoos.  The following work was undertaken on 13 properties within the South West region:

  • 32 km of fencing was constructed to protect remnant vegetation and/or riparian areas
  • 36 ha of land was revegetated with native seedlings
  • 29 nest boxes were installed for the red-tailed phascogale
  • 388 ha of pest animal control was undertaken (rabbits, foxes and cats)

For more information on the project, please contact Project Manager Derani Sullivan on (08) 9761 4184 or