Threatened Ecological Communities (TECs)

The project’s main objective is to conserve Nationally significant Threatened Ecological Communities on the Swan Coastal Plain through priority on-ground management actions on DPaW lands to increase their resilience

The project has also conducted a series of translocation works to help secure the long-term survival of threatened flora species unique to these TECs and is helping to refine translocation techniques for these species. Work is also being done to manage the threat of uncontrolled fires through weed management and of Dieback at priority Busselton Ironstone sites.

Stakeholders and landholders are also being engaged to support the protection of these TECs through management of threats originating from adjoining lands.

A Glimpses into Disappearing Landscapes website has been developed to improve understanding of Nationally Listed Threatened Ecological Communities of the South West Region to support our efforts in conserving them.