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Western Dairy
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Case Studies

We’ve been busy in our backyard

  • Protecting 33.2ha of critical aquatic habitats
  • Working with 173 farmers on improved soil health, on-farm biodiversity and water quality
  • Increasing Native Habitat by 243.77ha
  • Engaging over 837 volunteers
  • Reducing the impacts of weeds over 572.42ha

An overview of the case studies developed from the outcomes of our on-ground projects. Our work is science based, and our projects are monitored, evaluated, reported on and have an improvement strategy that comes from our commitment to an adaptive management system driven by continuous improvement.

We have been working to better understand, protect and restore the bush, beach and water systems of the South West of WA; the region that over 300,000 lucky people, including us call home. This unique part of the world is also home to plants and animals that have evolved over millions of years in isolation from the rest of Australia by the country’s vast central deserts. Our region is an international biodiversity hotspot, with over 5,5000 plant species and over 450 animal species. Unfortunately, some of these species are under threat from widespread loss and fragmentation of native vegetation caused by land clearing, salinity, invasive species, competing land uses and climate change.

SWCC’s approach to NRM is a highly collaborative one working in partnership with Government, Community, NRM partners, Landholders, Farmers and local Aboriginal Groups, delivering high quality on-ground outcomes for our environment. We work to ensure that as our communities grow and prosper our environment does not decline.
We gratefully acknowledge the support from the Australian Government, and the work and dedication of our staff and partners in delivering these projects, which supports a healthier and better protected ecosystems in a changing climate.


Ph: 9724 2400 swcc@swccnrm.org.au