Community Engagement

Our Community Engagement Team is dedicated to providing opportunities for the South West community to access knowledge and skills about NRM, and facilitating strong and active public awareness about environmental issues. By developing this legacy of environmental stewardship in the community we can ensure that our diverse and beautiful South West Region is protected for future generations.

We aim to build the capacity of community-based organisations by providing support to the many Landcare and NRM Officers that work tirelessly to protect our natural and agricultural landscapes. We forge strong and meaningful partnerships with these groups, our regional partners, as well as volunteer groups, Aboriginal organisations, local, state and federal government, private industry and business to collectively care for the South West environment.

We also work closely with the Traditional Owners of the South West, the Noongar people, through active consultation and the facilitation of on-ground projects for cultural protection. We also provide ongoing advice and support to our stakeholder networks, to ensure that their processes for engaging with Aboriginal people are appropriate.

And of course, we are constantly ‘out and about’, taking part in awareness raising events, field days, farm visits, workshops and meetings and providing training throughout the South West Region, to ensure we work one-on-one with our stakeholders. We also run a number of community and volunteer events throughout the year to build the knowledge and skills of our community to get involved in National Resource Management.

SWCC’s work in engagement is guided by a regularly updated SWCC Community Engagement & Communications Strategy. We hope this gives you an insight into our commitment to best practice community engagement.

Or if you are just after a quick overview, the schematic below provides a quick snapshot of our engagement work and examples of some of the tools we use to achieve this.

SWCC Strategy 2016-18_Appendix 2_Summary_20160519

We have also collated a significant amount of community engagement related references and resources that we hope are useful to you in your own engagement work.