Aboriginal Consultation

There are many sites across the South West that hold significance to Noongar people. These may be cultural sites where births, burials and other ceremonies occurred, or sites that contain evidence of how they managed and used the land. All waterways in the South West are considered significant due to their spiritual and practical values, and therefore any projects conducted on waterways should involve consultation with Aboriginal people. This consultation allows Aboriginal people to have a say on how significant sites and the South West environment are managed.

The Department of Aboriginal Affairs website contains information regarding the location of Aboriginal Heritage Sites and should be referred to before planning an on-ground works.   If a site is listed as an Aboriginal Heritage Site then consultation with Aboriginal people is required. The South West Aboriginal Land and Sea Council (SWALSC) works to strengthen Noongar culture, heritage and society by close engagement with the community on a wide variety of projects and initiatives. SWCC works collaboratively with SWALSC on an ongoing basis to inform and involve them in SWCC projects and to seek assistance in identifying appropriate representatives for consultation.

SWCC encourages working with local Aboriginal people on any NRM project, as part of collaboration and knowledge sharing.

To help guide this process, SWCC has developed Aboriginal Consultation Engagement Guidelines. These Guidelines are available to anyone undertaking Aboriginal Consultation in the South West. They are intended as a guide only and cannot be used to substitute legal responsibilities under the Aboriginal Heritage Act 1972.

If you would like advice on the Aboriginal Consultation process, you can contact Nerilee Boshammer, Community Engagement Program Manager at nerilee.boshammer@swccnrm.org.au


Nerilee Boshammer
Ph: (08) 9781 3111