Robert, Max and Katerina propagating seedlingsPhoto: SWIT
Kirstin watering in carroll tubesPhoto: SWIT
Jamie Tatham
Katerina and Max oiling boardwalk at Wardandi Memorial parkPhoto: Jamie Tatham
Katerina working on the Wardandi Memorial ParkPhoto: SWIT
Students preparing carroll tubes Photo: SWIT
Max working at Wardandi Memorial ParkPhoto: SWIT

Aboriginal Partnerships

Environmental management is strongly embedded into Aboriginal culture. Caring for Country has been undertaken by the Traditional Owners of the South West Region, the Noongar people, for tens of thousands of years.

SWCC is committed to strengthening this connection and harnessing traditional knowledge by providing opportunities for Aboriginal people to work on Country and be actively engaged in the NRM industry.  SWCC is currently supporting young Aboriginal people to undertake training and obtain formal qualifications in environmental management.

In addition, strong partnerships have been formed with local Noongar groups. These partnerships have allowed SWCC to gather and document important traditional knowledge, and have resulted in successful community-driven on-ground projects.

Local Noongar groups have also been engaged by SWCC to undertake planting and weeding projects. These partnerships have benefited Traditional Owners by providing opportunities for them to work on Country, allowing SWCC to build stronger connections with local Noongar groups. It is also hoped that these partnerships will lead to long term enterprise opportunities for Noongar people in the Region.

The Bunbury South West Institute of Technology students are learning new skills that will help them gain employment in the Natural Resource Management (NRM) industry.

Highlights for 2016:

SWCC recruited two new trainees in 2016 and we are working to build their skills and experience to maximise their future employment opportunities within the NRM sector.

SWCC continued to build partnerships with schools and aboriginal organisations from around the South West.  This included:

  • South West Institute of Technology
  • Noongar Boodjar Language Centre Bunbury
  • NEEDAC Bunbury
  • Roelands Mission
  • Kodja Place Kojonup
  • Katanning Aboriginal Corporation
  • Goomburrup Aboriginal Corporation Bunbury
  • Wardan Centre Bunbury
  • Jobs South West Bunbury Ngala Boodjar Council and Aboriginal Corporation Collie
  • CANWA Narrogin
  • Wuddi Cultural Centre – Dumbleyung

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