Capacity Building and Communication

The Community Engagement team is committed to building capacity across the Region both within NRM organisations and the greater community. The program aims to increase capacity, strengthen communication networks and broker knowledge between NRM stakeholders across multiple sectors and the community.

We deliver events to bring the latest training, education and skills development opportunities to the NRM community, which build capacity, increase knowledge and provide the tools needed to undertake environmental projects.

Ongoing, two-way community is key to effective engagement. We produce a fortnightly South West LINK e-newsletter and update our Facebook page to ensure that our community is kept up to date on the latest events, news, funding opportunities, research and innovations.

We support NRM and Landcare Officers by providing financial assistance for training, professional development and capacity building to ensure they have the skills they need to undertake natural resource management at the grassroots level.

Another focus of the program is to work collaboratively with traditional owners. SWCC facilitates this by providing advice on SWCC’s Aboriginal Consultation Guidelines and protocols to the NRM community, both within and outside of SWCC, and facilitating partnerships and collaborative projects to protect cultural heritage and retain Traditional Knowledge. We also have a comprehensive Cultural Awareness and Education program to raise awareness of our cultural heritage.