Volunteers are the backbone of the NRM industry. They work passionately and tirelessly to protect and manage local environments across the South West through their involvement with Coastcare, Bushcare, Friends and other local community groups. SWCC supports volunteers by providing training and capacity building opportunities, as well as linking volunteers to their local community groups and projects.

Volunteer safety

It is important that we keep our volunteers safe. After all, they are giving their own time, often working outdoors in rugged and remote areas. The In Safe Hands Toolkit provides information regarding obligations for volunteer managers to provide duty of care to their volunteers.

Corporate Volunteering

Corporate volunteering is a fantastic way to demonstrate your organisation’s commitment to the local community and environment. It is also a fantastic team-building exercise that will motivate your employees and improve their health and well-being. Demonstrate leadership in your community and make a real difference!

To learn more, check out our Corporate Volunteering brochure


If you would like to become a volunteer for a day, join a local group or be added to our register for ongoing activities, please provide your details below.