Regional Landcare Facilitators Program
Lower Blackwood
Lower Blackwood Dairy Tour, February 2016Photo: Lower Blackwood
Landcare/NRM Officer Muster, May 2016Photo: SWCC
Monica Durcan
City of Busselton Food Theatre, November 2015Photo: Monica Durcan
Dumbleyung Landcare
Dumbleyung Landcare Tour, April 2016Photo: Dumbleyung Landcare
Monica Durcan
Janelle Smith representing Women in Farming Enterprises at Storm in a Teacup, March 2016Photo: Monica Durcan
The Landcare Team, 2016 Wagin WooloramaPhoto: SWCC
Monica Durcan
South West Agroforestry Network Field Day, May 2016Photo: Monica Durcan
Monica Durcan
Speakers, Sandalwood and Carbon Field Day, April 2016Photo: Monica Durcan
Monica Durcan
Regrarian Open Consultancy with Darren J Doherty, July 2015Photo: Monica Durcan
Monica Durcan
Direct seeding training with Dr Geoff Woodall, November 2016Photo: Monica Durcan
Federico Butron
Making NMS Native Microbes, September 2016Photo: Federico Butron
Women in Farming Enterprises
Women in Farming Enterprises (WIFE) Annual Seminar, October 2016Photo: Women in Farming Enterprises
Monica Durcan
'I want to be a farmer' speakers, South West FoodBowl Festival, October 2016Photo: Monica Durcan
Monica Durcan
Michelle McManus & Jeff Pow, Southampton Homestead Open Day, October 2016Photo: Monica Durcan

Community Support

How can we help?

For support in developing and running your local community event to encourage sustainable agriculture, contact Monica: 9781 3118,

For support and information about what is going on in the paddock in the South West to facilitate and develop new and innovative approaches to sustainable agriculture, contact Peter Clifton: 9724 2469,

RLF Funding

Expressions of Interest are now invited from community groups and individual community members to apply for financial support for events and training anytime during the 2016/17 financial year. These must have a sustainable agriculture focus and contribute to one or more of the Australian Government’s National Landcare Programme outcomes:

  •  Maintain and improve ecosystem services through sustainable management of local and regional landscapes.
  •  Increase in the number of farmers and fishers adopting practices that improve the quality of the natural resource base, and the area of land over which those practices are applied.
  •  Increase engagement and participation of the community, including landcare, farmers and Indigenous people, in sustainable natural resource management.
  •  Increase restoration and rehabilitation of the natural environment, including protecting and conserving nationally and internationally significant species, ecosystems, ecological communities, places and values.

Please download the relevant form from here. Contact the South West Regional Landcare Facilitators to discuss your ideas.



2015/16 RLF Support

Over the 2015/16 the South West Regional Landcare Facilitator Programme supported 14 events attended by more than 600 people collectively. The events ranged from those with an agroforestry focus to dairy industry and catchment tours and included three events specifically for women that accounted for a third of this overall attendance. In addition 15 individual community members were supported to attend training courses and workshops.

Groups and events supported:

  • Regrarian Open Consultancy at Southampton Homestead with Darren J Doherty
  • Blackwood Basin Group – Maarten Stapper workshop ‘Healthy Soils = Healthy food and healthy people’
  • Western Dairy Spring Field Day
  • City of Busselton Food Theatre
  • Lower Blackwood LCDC Dairy Tour
  • South West Agroforestry Network Field Day
  • Dumbleyung Landcare Tour
  • Growing Sandalwood and Carbon Field Day (in partnership with SWCC’s Carbon Awareness Project)
  • Taste of the Blackwood Producers Group presentation to Perth chefs
  • Nourishing Soils workshop with Bee Winfield
  • Landcare/NRM Officer Muster

Women’s events:

  • The Magic of Bush Medicine workshop
  • Rylington Park ‘Storm in a Teacup’
  • Women in Farming Enterprises (WIFE) Information Day

Regional events:

  • Landcare Exhibit – 2016 Wagin Woolorama
  • Landcare Tent – 2016 Balingup Small Farm Field Day

Support to individuals:

15 individuals were supported to attend events and training:

  • 9 people were supported to attend a Soil Restoration Farming event;
  • 1 to attend a ‘Hedges in the Landscape’ workshop in Tasmania;
  • 1 to do Dr Elaine Ingham’s on-line Soil Food Web course;
  • 3 members of iHemp WA to attend an international symposium ‘Hemp Health & Innovation’ in Sydney; and
  • 1 to attend a grant writing workshop in Perth.

In addition the South West RLF Programme:

  • Produced and distributed 2 SW RLF e-newsletters;
  • Posted 20 Facebook posts reaching 6,920;
  • Provided support to many Regional partner groups;
  • Produced a video of SW RLF achievements (;
  • Produced 4 New Leaf Case Studies.

Monica Durcan
Ph: 08 9781 3118