Sustainable Agriculture

The South West Catchments Council’s Sustainable Agriculture Program promotes and supports the adoption of sustainable farming practices across all primary industries including cropping, grazing, horticulture, viticulture, dairy, farm forestry, fishing and aquaculture. The program aims to increase the adoption of farm practices that maintain or improve the condition of natural resource assets such as clean water, biodiversity and healthy soils, while also improving food and fibre productivity and responding to threats and opportunities like a changing climate.

Through our four Sustainable Agriculture project streams, Soil Health on Focus farms, Innovation on Farms, and South West Sustainable farming and Nutrient Mapping we aim to support farmers to trial, demonstrate and implement a range of on-ground actions on their properties for improved natural resource management. Specific activities include soil biology and nutrient mapping, trials of innovative farm management practices, establishment of on-farm demonstration sites, farmer-to-farmer mentoring programs, access to technical advice, working with Indigenous land managers and of course plenty of extension!

Funding has been provided to 31 successful applicants to trial, demonstrate and extend practices relevant to their industry and region. A brief description of these projects can be found in the SWCC Sustainable Agriculture Projects Summary.

SWCC is engaging with the agriculture and aquaculture / fisheries industries, production and NRM groups across the south west region to help us deliver our 2013-18 Sustainable Agriculture projects.

We are also working with other WA NRM Regions to showcase project sites across the State, via an interactive, on-line platform! For more information about this exciting work, undertaken in partnership with farmers, Landcare groups and grower groups, visit


Mike Christensen
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