Improving Nutrient Management

The South West Catchment Council will engage and recruit 26 farmers/landholders per annum over a 2 year period to participate in the Improving Nutrient Management project.

From each of the participating farms, 30 soil samples per paddock will be collected along a GPS recorded transect. The soil is shipped to an accredited laboratory for soil analysis, to include Colwell P, PBI, Colwell K, pH(CaCl2).

The soil analysis results are used to develop traffic light maps, a pictorial representation of nutrient levels in each paddock. The traffic light maps will include P at 80%, 85%, 90%, and 95% production; where 80 and 85% production are targeted at beef production and 90%/95% are targeted at dairy or more intensive production.

Soil analysis results and traffic light are provided to the landholder.
The landholders will also be engaged in a series of extension activities to provide agronomy support,soil acidity / liming workshops and Accuspread workshops.

The priority locations for the project includes the Leschenault, Cape to Cape/Margaret River, Scott Coastal Plain, Manjimup and Northcliffe area and the Lower Blackwood catchments.

The project will be available to all grazing properties in these regions which meet the following criteria:
• First time participants in a Whole Farm Soil Mapping project
• Have a productive area 40ha of productive farm land
• Situated in the 600mm rainfall zone
• Must be farming within the catchments as mentioned above
• Must be from a predominantly grazing enterprise such as beef, sheep, dairy or mixed

If you would like further information please contact Mike Christenson, SWCC Sustainable Agriculture Program Manager, on 08 9761 4184.