South West Sustainable Farming

The South West Sustainable Farming (SWSF) project aims to engage with agricultural industries across the south west to increase adoption of sustainable farming practices, increase productivity and protect ecosystem services while building resilience to climate change.

We currently have 19 projects involving 26 properties and the on-farm trials and demonstrations aim to improve soil health related to all forms of production, including cropping, grazing, horticulture, viticulture, dairy and farm forestry.

A central aim of all trials is to promote broader landholder understanding and adoption of the practice by demonstrating local application to the surrounding farming community. Trials and demonstrations address one or more of the following soil health funding priorities:

  • maintain and improve groundcover to reduce soil and nutrient loss through wind and water erosion
  • manage soil acidification to improve productivity and avoid future loss of productive land through subsoil acidification
  • manage nutrient addition to soils to improve productivity, reduce losses into waterways and slow rates of soil acidification,
  • improve soil health through better soil biology, nutrient matching and management of soil structure for improved productivity and ecosystem services.

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Danielle Short, Project Manager, Narrogin: 08 9881 0202

Peter Clifton, Project Manager, Bunbury: 08 9724 2469 or