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Isn't this clubbed lip spider orchid beautiful? Shot by the talented @natmacrophotography, check out his page for more macro shots or flora and fauna. ...

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Our Threatened Species Project Manager Jaya Vaughan was out in Gracetown with earlier in the week surveying a property for a potential western ringtail possum release.
During the vegetation survey, they came across this fungi. The team were wondering if this might be Armillaria luteobubalina, an endemic pathogen of the south west that is the causal agent of Armillaria root disease. What do you think? This disease can lead to the death of many of our shrubs and trees, particularly in disturbed sites.

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Today is #NationalRegenerativeAgricultureDay 🌿💚 Check out @heartyourfarmer to learn more about #regenagriculture and how you can get involved! ...

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