Cat Enclosure Market Day – Learn How to Keep Cats Happy & Safe at Home

Do you worry about your pet cat being hurt or getting lost when it is outside the home? Want to help protect native wildlife from cat attacks? If so, come along to South West Catchment Council (SWCC)’s Cat Enclosure Market Day on Sunday 18th September to learn all about the range of catios and enclosures available to purchase or build yourself. You can also access a brand-new rebate program to assist with the cost.

Enclosures are an excellent solution for owners who want to give their cats outdoor access to bask in the sunlight, breathe fresh air and observe the world while staying safe from cat attacks and car strikes. It is a win-win solution for the cat, the owner, other people’s pets, urban wildlife, and neighbours.

The Market Day will feature professional cat enclosure installers, do it yourself ideas, tips from local cat enclosure owners and educational stalls. Attendees will hear from expert speakers on how to set up an enclosure and successfully introduce your cat to its new routine. Local cat owners will describe why they chose to invest in an enclosure for their cats and showcase their tried and tested designs.

SWCC will also be launching its Cat Enclosure Rebate Scheme, which will provide Greater Bunbury region cat owners with up to $200 towards the cost of buying or building an enclosure.

“If you are savvy, you can build one yourself with relatively cheap materials such as cat net and the enclosure pays itself off by avoiding unexpected trips to the vet. Abscesses following cat fights are very common at local Bunbury vet clinics with bills ranging from $200 – $700. Cat owners can build a DIY enclosure for the same amount and the rebate will assist with lowering the initial investment even further” says SWCC Project Manager, Jaya Vaughan.

The Market Day will also provide tips on cat behaviour, how to transition a free-access cat and how to raise a kitten in an indoor lifestyle.

“There are a few tricks to identifying a cat’s behavioural needs and making sure these needs are met within an enclosure environment. Cat owners can provide alternatives to suit their cat’s preferred hunting prey, scratching surface, resting place and toileting spot,” said Ms Vaughan.

The Market Day forms part of SWCC’s Responsible Pet Pawrent program, which aims to reduce conflicts between pets and the critically endangered western ringtail possum. More information can be found here. Register for a FREE ticket to the Cat Enclosure Market Day here or by phoning Jaya Vaughan on 0427 415 222.

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