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Save the Date!

Save the date for South West Catchments Council’s new Annual Showcase on Tuesday 19 November 2019. The theme for this years’ Showcase is Precision Agriculture with a focus on Remote Piloted Aircraft – Drones! South West Catchments Council’s sustainable agriculture projects aim to assist farmers and food producers with...

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Community Environment Program Grants Available

APPLICATIONS ARE NOW CLOSED The Communities Environment Program, first announced by the Federal Government in March 2019, released its Grant Opportunity Guidelines recently. The program provides each electorate throughout the country up to $150,000 to fund small, community-led environment projects that address local environmental priorities. To be eligible, your...

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Share Your Opinion on Regenerative Agriculture

Consumers are becoming increasingly interested in more ethical, sustainable and transparent production systems. This global trend is making producers consider their exposure to risk and how they can adapt. Some are looking at the concept of regenerative agriculture to reduce negative impacts and increase marketability, but it’s evolution and uptake...

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