Diversity in Agriculture Leadership

Australian agriculture has joined forces to forge a new pathway for women in ag leadership with the establishment of the Diversity in Agriculture Leadership Program.

“Women have been the backbone of farming since agriculture began in our nation.

However, the fact remains, female representation on farm is not matched in the senior ranks and around the board tables of our farm representative organisations and agribusinesses. And our industry is poorer for it.

When I take a look around the organisations advocating on behalf of farmers and agribusinesses servicing our industry, there is a distinct lack of female representation.

I believe this is out of step with actual farm businesses, the vast majority of which are family owned and where women absolutely play an equal role.”

    – Fiona Simson, President, National Farmers’ Federation

There are two main elements of the Diversity in Agriculture Leadership:

  1. An opportunity for agribusiness and and ag-representative bodies to commit to auditing their gender diversity and to formally pledge to making meaningful change towards evening the gender ledge; and
  2. An opportunity for aspiring female leaders to benefit from one-on-one mentoring.  Graduates of the program will go on to be a part of a valuable alumni of skilled female leaders with aspirations to apply their leadership skills across the agricultural sector.

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