Exciting New Chapter for South West Catchments Council

South West Catchments Council (SWCC) is entering a phase of reinvigoration with the release of its new Organisational Strategy 2021 – 2025, featuring innovative diversification strategies and a commitment to scaling up environmental solutions across the region. The recent recruitment of two new Board Directors, with significant expertise in governance and financial management, will further strengthen the organisation. To assist with the delivery of the Strategy, a new Sustainability and Environment Lead and Strategy Manager will be recruited to the executive team.

SWCC’s new vision for the future is articulated as: ‘A healthier and more productive South West environment and community, continually benefitting from game-changing environmental solutions’. The Strategy, developed in close collaboration with SWCC’s nine member organisations, outlines how it will deliver on this bold vision by focussing on four priority areas:

Future-Proofing Farming – SWCC will collaborate with its established network in the farmed land management sector to increase the rate of innovation and drive widespread adoption of sustainable technology and practices. This will include a focus on carbon farming and natural capital accounting. Learning from and working with Aboriginal people will be key to ensure healthy, productive farms in the region, that are resilient in the face of climate change.

Environmental Conservation – Building on 20 years’ experience in driving environmental conservation in the South West, SWCC will develop new offerings to partner with corporates and attract funding support from philanthropic organisations. Working closely with traditional owners on the natural environment will also be central to improving the sustainability of the region’s natural assets.

Being an Influential Natural Resource Management (NRM) organisation – As custodians of the South West’s regional NRM Strategy, SWCC is in a unique position to co-design creative holistic solutions to significant challenges. The organisation will use its expertise and influence to amplify the impact of the sector through collaboration, advocacy, education and marketing.

Building Productive Partnerships – World class collaboration will be evident in everything SWCC does, from working collectively with members and other NRM regions to proactively building relationships with industry. SWCC will actively champion aboriginal capacity building to enable traditional land management.

Delivery of the Strategy will be enhanced with the recent addition of Dr Claire Langdon and Christopher Carey to SWCC’s Board of Directors. Dr Langdon has undertaken clinical and executive roles within the health sector and has exceptional skills in strategic thinking, stakeholder engagement, communication and change management. Mr Carey is a Chartered Accountant with 40 years’ experience in financial management, who brings to the team strong strategic and commercial expertise.

Chris Carey

Dr Claire Langdon













The new Sustainability and Environment Lead will act as SWCC’s pre-eminent scientific expert, guiding the focus of the operational team. The new Strategy Manager will provide commercial expertise to develop new and innovative opportunities.
SWCC Chair, Bill Biggs, said:

“The release of the new Strategy is the start of an exciting new chapter for SWCC. We recruited CEO, Sally Wilkinson, to diversify and strengthen the organisation and our new direction is the culmination of many months of careful planning. We now focus on delivering our vision to build a more sustainable organisation, better placed to amplify the positive impact of our community. The new Strategy, along with the recruitment of skilled Board Directors and executive staff, makes SWCC an even more effective agent of change for the South West.”

The new Organisational Strategy 2021-25 is available to download here: SWCC Organisational Strategy 2021-25



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