Green Jobs a Winner for Local Wildlife!

A new project aiming to employ and train local people to gather native seeds for vital habitat restoration has been successfully rolled out in the South West of WA.

South West Catchments Council, in collaboration with Leschenault Catchment Council, has employed and trained 10 eager seed-collectors through the State Government’s Green Jobs initiative, which forms part of the COVID-19 State Recovery Plan.

The project seeks to improve habitat for WA’s unique flora and fauna by teaching important skills in seed collection, sorting and storing. The seeds collected will ensure a supply of seedlings for revegetation of 275 hectares of land in the region. Ongoing planting is vital for re-establishing wildlife corridors and providing areas of habitat for threatened species such as the South West’s black cockatoos.

The team have already successfully extracted quality seeds from a diverse range of native species in bushland across the South West. The project which will run until June 2021.

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