Habitat for Threatened Species

The loss and fragmentation of habitat is one of the primary threatening process for nearly all of Australia’s threatened species. SWCC is working to protect existing habitat, improve degraded habitat and create new habitat for threatened species across the region, including western ringtail possums, numbats, Carnaby’s black cockatoo, chuditch, woylie and malleefowl.

In 2020/21, SWCC planted 97,458 seedlings to rehabilitate 113 hectares of habitat.

Understanding how threatened species use habitat areas is critical to effectively managing these species. To build knowledge in this area, SWCC has undertaken extensive surveys of the Wellington National Park, surveys of potential Malleefowl habitat for nesting mounds and nesting surveys for Carnaby’s cockatoos.

SWCC also supports the Land for Wildlife program to support private landholders to manage native vegetation on their properties for biodiversity conservation. If you have habitat for native wildlife on your property and would like support to manage it, more information and an online registration portal is available at the Land for Wildlife website. 

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