Responsible Pet Pawrent Program

Greater Bunbury Region

Owning a cat or dog brings many benefits to the owners. They have a way of instantly boosting our mood and can provide an endless source of entertainment. Unfortunately, our pets can sometimes come into conflict with wildlife in our backyards and urban areas. In the Greater Bunbury Region the western ringtail possum is vulnerable to these conflicts with many being admitted into care with injuries or perishing as a result.

The Greater Bunbury Region is part of an important habitat zone for the critically endangered western ringtail possum along the swan coastal plain. This zone includes the areas of Bunbury, Busselton and Dunsborough. A recent study being undertaken by UWA has found Bunbury possums are genetically unique to surrounding populations not so far away in Busselton and even Myalup! As pet owners, we have a role in ensuring our pets and the western ringtail possum can coexist harmoniously together in the urban environment.

To assist pet owners with the steps required to maintain a harmonious coexistence between pets and possums, SWCC and GeoCatch (Pets Away, Possums Play) are undertaking community based social marketing behaviour change campaigns in the Greater Bunbury Region and the Geographe Bay Catchment.


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