Keeping Cats Safe on Our Properties

Companion cats provide an abundance of well-being benefits for their owners and are a source of endless entertainment. They are an extension of the family at home. The best way to ensure our companion cat’s safety is to keep them within our property boundaries. They could be exclusively indoors, with access to an enclosure or backyard with fence rollers or allowed to explore on a harness and lead. Containing your cat not only helps to increase the human-animal bond between the owner and cat but also eliminates the most common injuries associated with free-access cats – fights with other cats and vehicle strikes. Owners of indoor cats have peace of mind in knowing where their cat is at all times and that they are always available for a cuddle.

Having an indoor cat is the right thing to do to keep local native birds, lizards and mammals safe. A recent study by Legge et al suggested time-bound curfews are unlikely to reduce overall predation rates, as the type of animal being caught shifts from birds and lizards during the day to mammals at night. In the Greater Bunbury Region, a mammal which is vulnerable to conflicts with cats in urban backyards and bushland is the threatened western ringtail possum. As responsible pet owners, keeping a cat contained to the property at all times ensures our local wildlife and our companion cats are safe.

Click the links below to see some options for containing your cat:

Access our Greater Bunbury Region Cat Enclosure Rebate!

South West Catchments Council is offering a rebate for cat owners to install a new cat enclosure for their beloved feline. Eligible cat owners need to register for the rebate by 30th November 2022 and have the enclosure installed by 31st March 2023.

To find the eligibility criteria, details about claiming the rebate and forms to be completed, please click on the links below. For any queries, please contact [email protected]

Registration Form (includes eligibility & claim details)

Completion Form

How can I keep my cat safe and happy indoors?

Click the links below to download our ‘How to Guide for Transitioning for setting up for an indoor cat’ and watch a video with Dr Kate Lindsey below:

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