Inside the House

Raising a cat indoors is a great way to keep your cat safe and happy. This option is suitable for all home styles, large and small.


Things to Consider

There are lots of creative ways you can enrich the indoor environment to meet your cat’s needs. You can bring the outdoors in so your cat can enjoy the creature comforts of the outdoor environment. Your cat can bask in the sun on the window sill, on a cat shelf or on a high cat tower. You can create high perching spots for them to observe the world as it passes by. You can always pair this option with the harness and lead option to give your cat access to both worlds.

This option is best for raising younger cats who have had large periods of time outdoors. If you are looking to transition a free access cat or curfew cat to be contained on the property, the best option would be to consider an enclosure.

Emily, South Bunbury
Emily, South Bunbury
Debbie, Gelorup

Other Enclosure Options

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