Suppliers of DIY Materials

WA Cat Net and Fixtures Suppliers

2/14 Bowen Street, O’Connor, WA

DIY supplies. Pick up or postage to the south-west available

[email protected]

(08) 9314 3003

Dunsborough, WA

DIY supplies. Pick up from Dunsborough only

[email protected]

0448 518 295

4 Garino Rise, Wangara, WA

DIY supplies

[email protected]

0418 917 502

Kitty Kingdom website

Perth, WA

 DIY supplies

[email protected]

Business hours (freecall) 1800 185 000

Other Cat Net and Fixture Suppliers

7/1-13 Childs Road, Chipping Norton, NSW 2170

DIY supplies

[email protected]

(02) 9772 0889


Please note

This is not an exhaustive list of suppliers. Listing on this page does not constitute a recommendation of these businesses or the products they supply. In no event shall the South West Catchments Council be liable for any incident or consequential damages resulting from the use of the materials supplied by these businesses.

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