Possum Friendly Dog Fencing


Possum grip

It is possible for possums to coexist with an outdoor dog. Possums are vulnerable when they are moving across the top of low fences and on slippery surfaces like Colorbond fences. Dogs can jump on the side of a fence and knock a possum into the yard. Dogs have also been known to use the corner of a fence to jump from one side to the other to gain height and reach a possum.

If you have a slippery fence like Colorbond or metal capping that is already 1.8m high, affix a run of timber, such as dressed pine, along the top to allow the possum to more effectively grip if a dog jumps on the fence. The timber may also reduce the pitter patter noise of a possum running along the top of the metal fence during the night.

Possum grip (click to enlarge)

Lift to co-exist

If you have a short fence down the sides or back of your property, you could raise the height to 1.8m by adding an extension. This will keep possums safe up high away from jumping dogs. There are many fence extension options that can beautify your fence and add additional privacy.

Super six fences are often shorter than 1.8m allowing more room to add an extension. If your super 6 fence is fragile and a bit crumbly, it is advised not to add an extension. Instead you could add metal capping and a timber run.

We want to hear from you! If you are keen on installing a fence retrofit option, we would love to hear from you on how it went. We are looking to install remote cameras to monitor the fence retrofits in action. Please email [email protected] for more information or to express interest in having a remote camera installed.

Possum Bridge

If your neighbour has a dog and you would like to give possums a safe passage through your yard, you could build a possum bridge on the inside of your property.


Before affixing anything to your boundary fence or wall, it is important to seek permission from your neighbour. We have developed a neighbour letter template for you to edit and ask your neighbour to review and sign – click the link to the right.

After you have a fence retrofit design, it is recommended to check with your local council before commencing. Feel free to use photos from this webpage along with a photo of your current fence to assist with your enquiry.

There are height and visual permeability requirements for fences facing the street, please ensure you phone your local council before commencing.

The standard fence height for backyard side and rear fences is 1.8m height.

If your fence is structurally compromised (crumbly or likely to fall), it is advised to replace the fence first and avoid affixing anything to the fence as this will increase the likelihood of the fence failing.

If you are in a rental, you will need approval from the property owner.

Please Note

The information on this page should be considered as advice only. People interested in retrofitting their fence are encouraged to send a plan to their local council, neighbours and property owners prior to commencing installation. Listing on this page does not constitute a recommendation of these businesses. In no event shall the South West Catchments Council be liable for any incident or consequential damages resulting from the use of businesses listed on this page.

If your business provides installation of cat enclosures in the Greater Bunbury Region and you would like to be listed on this page please contact us at [email protected].

Extension on a super 6 fence (click to enlarge)
Possum Bridge (click to enlarge)
Letter Template (click to download)

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