Wetlands of International Importance

SWCC is focused on restoring the condition of the internationally-significant Vasse Wonnerup Wetlands, Lake Toolibin and Lake Muir, and reducing the threats to these precious waterways.

These Ramsar-listed wetlands and the ecosystems they support are under threat from water quality decline, due to agricultural practices, land clearing and urbanisation, as well as feral and domestic species, weed invasion and a changing climate.

SWCC is working with local communities, regional partners and land managers to manage and mitigate these threats and improve the overall health and function of these waterways. We do this through strategic planning, nutrient management, bank stabilisation, weed control, revegetation, ecological restoration, research, and community engagement.

Targeted actions include preventing the intrusion of salt-laden surface water into the last fresh-water habitat in the Wheatbelt at Toolibin Lake, undertaking revegetation and reducing garden nutrient runoff into the Vasse-Wonnerup wetlands and collecting valuable bird data and reducing predation at the Muir-Byenup wetlands.

“We are working really hard with gardeners in the catchment to reduce nutrients leaching from gardens into the Vasse Wonnerup and the Bay. Gardeners are telling us they will change their approach to gardening by improving soil and reducing fertiliser use as a result of their participation in one of our workshops.”
Jen Mitchell, GeoCatch (SWCC Delivery Partner)

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