Pollination and Farm Resilience

SWCC and its partners are working to increase the benefits to farmers from revegetating degraded land.

One of the key aspects of this project is developing personalised management plans with farmers to boost productivity through revegetation. A unique plant species mix is selected based on productivity objectives, rather than purely biodiversity objectives. An example is increasing productivity by improving habitat for honey bees and other crop-pollinators.

SWCC is developing a flowering calendar that describes which plants are in flower at different times of year to assess existing vegetation, identify gaps in pollinator food sources and develop revegetation plans.

To demonstrate the concept, SWCC has started working with a commercial orchard in Balingup, a mixed broadacre farm at Boscabel, north-west of Kojonup, and several beekeepers.

For more information and event details, contact Wendy Wilkins on o448 939 307 or email [email protected].

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