Pollination and Farm Resilience

SWCC and its partners are working with farmers to improve the pollination services provided by beneficial insects and other pollinators through revegetation programs.

The aim is to increase biodiversity and productivity, and ensure the farm is more resilient to better withstand the impacts of a changing climate.

Six canola producers and orchardists across the region have been selected as demonstration sites to test the benefits of planting unique species mixes selected to provide continuous food and shelter for beneficial insects, rather than for purely biodiversity objectives. Personalised farm management plans have been developed with the land managers to scope revegetation and fencing of remnant vegetation.

Progress in 2020/21

During winter 2020, a total of 15,237 seedlings were planted across the six properties over an area of 13 hectares. Three events, attended by 56 farmers, provided information about pollination and integrated pest management. Eleven insect and bird surveys were undertaken, along with seedling survival surveys on all revegetation sites on the six properties. Three species, Adenanthos meisneri, Hakea corymbosa and Thryptomene saxicola, have been identified as particularly valuable food sources for pollinators which have not been used in revegetation activities before.

The Undalup Association & Applied Archaeology Australia met with 13 farmers to obtain a better understanding of what Traditional Ecological Knowledge could be provided to improve their understanding of land management practices and how they can be best adapted to Australian conditions.

“The project is identifying innovative revegetation practices and native plants as food sources for pollinators, and raising awareness with farmers about these practices. It’s a win-win for both farmers and biodiversity”

Wendy Wilkins, Project Manager.

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