Regional Agriculture Landcare Facilitator

Knowledge is power, and access to the latest technical and scientific information empowers farmers to make informed decisions.

Farmers engage best when they can see results. Platforms for networking and on-ground demonstrations are critical for farmers to see first-hand how new practices can be adopted and used to improve the farm system.

SWCC’s Regional Agriculture Landcare Facilitator (RALF), Peter Clifton, is funded under the Australian Government’s Regional Land Partnerships program to provide farmers with relevant, practical and credible information on ways to protect soil, biodiversity and vegetation, and adapt to the changing climate and market demands.

Peter engages with farmers, communities and industries to understand needs, motivations and barriers. He then provides clear and credible information where it is needed to enable better decisions, and facilitate partnerships to solve problems. Information about new practices, outcomes from the latest agricultural trials, case studies, events, field days, video testimonials, resource information and project updates are delivered through the Open Farm Twitter account and SWAG e-newsletter. The RALF also provides technical advice and support to farmers through extension activities such as the Grazing Matcher program.

“Peter is a well of knowledge in landcare practices and is passionate about how farmers can improve their operation while also still maintaining a productive and profitable enterprise. Peter and SWCC have helped us enormously over the last 6 months in assessing our farm carbon emissions. I have no doubt that Peter will continue to be a valued contact and contributor to our business in the years to come”
Quentin Blunsdon, Manager Aruma Estate

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