Sustainable Agriculture

We engage Landcare, grower and research groups, as well as farmers, to increase productivity through the adoption of sustainable farming practices. The two go hand in hand and the farmers we work with agree that it makes good business sense.

We help farmers increase efficiency, productivity and their bottom line by protecting the local environment and ecosystem services, while building resilience to climate change and drought. We also work to protect the mosaic of remnant vegetation in agricultural regions that provides important refuge for wildlife.

The health of our agricultural land is vital to regional communities, the environment and the economy. Issues including poor soil health, salinity, soil acidification, nutrient loss, erosion, weed invasion and feral animals continue to threaten these areas due to past and current practices.

We adopt an evidence-based approach to sustainable agriculture. Through on-farm trials and demonstrations (featured on AgTrials Sites), revegetation, carbon farming and nutrient management, we are working with the farming community to ensure our agricultural industry is sustainable into the future.


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