Biodiversity Refugia and Linkages 2015 – 2018

Landscape-scale approach to protect biodiversity and restore ecosystem function and resilience, targeting threatened species and Threatened Ecological Communities (TECs).

Project Manager

Derani Sullivan and Jodie Deeley

Project Duration

2015 to 2018

Key Partners

Department of Parks and Wildlife, City of Busselton, Land for Wildlife landholders and other private landholders

Key Achievements

  • 3 events held, 176 participants
  • 22km of fencing installed, protecting 220 ha
  • 19ha of rabbit control completed
  • 22.8ha of revegetation completed with 28,371 seedlings planted and 2.2 kg seed spread
  • 1 x conservation action for threatened species completed (15 individual Western Ringtail Possums captured and released at Perup Sanctuary).

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