South West Treasure Hunt

Geocaching is a high-tec outdoor activity in which you are provided with GPS coordinates to locate hidden containers (geocaches) using your smart phone or portable GPS device.

The South West Treasure Hunt is great fun for the whole family and, once you find your first geocache we can guarantee that you will soon be on a mission to find the next one.

Visit Geocaching Australia to find out more about this global craze!

As we say at SWCC – It is never too late to participate!

Geocache Sites

Blackberry Blues (Worsley, WA)

Location: Blackberry sign P stop – Coalfields Highway

GPS Coordinates: 50H 394525E 6315208N (UTM), S33° 17.823′ E115° 52.028′ (WGS 84)

Description: On your way up the hill to search for this cache, keep an eye out for the blackberry weed. No not to enjoy the berries, but to stop this weed taking over our natural areas. Blackberry is a Weed of National Significance, considered to be one of Australia’s more destructive weed species. The most serious infestations occur in the South West Region, infesting a 600km x 100km belt stretching from Perth to Albany. Read more about the Blackberry Buffer Zone on the sign at this P stop.

Bosom Buddies (Withers, WA)

Location: Maidens Reserve

GPS Coordinates: 50H 371997E, 6307116N (UTM), S33° 22.055′ E115° 37.444′ (WGS 84)

Description: Maidens Reserve is of high conservation value as it supports a diverse range of species including several native orchids and tuart trees. When searching for this cache, take a moment to look around you and notice the exposed sand dunes caused by people sandboarding or straying from the tracks and exposing this fragile dune system to wind erosion. Do the right thing and stick to the path, or go a step further and join the Friends of Maidens Reserve community group, working to help conserve this special place.

Checkmate, Bunbury

Location: Marlston Hill (near lighthouse)

GPS Coordinates: 50H 372741E 6312515N (UTM), S33° 19.139′ E115° 37.970′ (WGS 84)

Description: Once just sand hills and bush, Marlston Hill is now a busy suburb of Bunbury. This cache is shadowed by the lighthouse but enjoys a lovely view of the Bunbury coastline (just don’t forget your fly net!) Everyone loves the beach, but as you look around you’ll notice several exposed dunes caused by people straying from the tracks and taking shortcuts through the dunes to the beach. The Friends of Marlston Hill community group have been working to repair the dunes, laying brushing and revegetating the dunes to prevent further wind erosion. Do the right thing and stick to the paths, or go a step further and join the Friends of Marlston Hill community group to help look after this special place.

Hello Possums, Wonnerup

Location: Vasse Wonnerup possum night walk

GPS Coordinates: 50H 353244E 6277588N (UTM), S33° 37.885′ E115° 25.063′ (WGS 84)

Description: This cache gets most of its visits once the sun goes down and is found in a place where new life has begun. In addition to supporting birds, the Vasse Wonnerup Wetlands are also home for a number of marsupials, including both the ringtail and brushtail possums. The Western Ringtail Possum is listed as a vulnerable species and is found mostly in the south west of WA, with a strong population here in Busselton due to the high number of the possum’s preferred peppermint trees.

Hiding More Than Just Birds, Wonnerup

Location: Vasse Wonnerup Wetlands

GPS Coordinates: 50H 354005E 6277762N (UTM), S33° 37.797′ E115° 25.557′ (WGS 84)

Description: Keeping secret watch over the Ramsar-listed Vasse Wonnerup Wetlands, this cache is hidden from view of even the birds. Stretching some 14kms, these wetlands provide a home to more than 20,000 migratory birds and is home to the largest known breeding colony of Black Swans in WA. Much of the wetlands have been affected by the surrounding agriculture. It’s important we look after this important asset.

Off the beaten track, Burekup

Location: Roelands Mission

GPS Coordinates: 50H 394525E, 6315208N (UTM)

Description: This cache enjoys a view of the Collie River that runs along the edge of the old Roeland’s Mission. This river has several dimensions of significance for Noongar people. Located 25km north of Bunbury, the former Mission housed Aboriginal children who had been removed from their families, from the 1940’s all the way through to the 1970’s. During that period an estimated 500 children were placed at the Mission, some of whom spent 16 years of their life there.

Holy Moses, Wilyabrup

Location: Moses Rock

GPS Coordinates: 50H 313943E 6262605N (UTM), S33° 45.619′ E114° 59.463′ (WGS 84)

Description: With a commanding view of the Margaret River coastline, this is one cache you don’t want to miss. The south west is full of amazing beaches such a this one, however these areas are very vulnerable. Check out the exposed sand dunes, caused by people straying from the tracks and making their own paths to the beach, leaving the dunes prone to wind erosion. Viewing platforms and stairs like these are a great tool to help preserve our beautiful beaches. Do the right thing and use the stairs and stick to the path. Of course, this cache is not off the track.


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