Ringtail Tally

The Ringtail Tally is an annual survey of western ringtail possums conducted by passionate citizen scientists in our community. It helps organisations like South West Catchments Council understand where the species is found and how abundant they are, which informs future conservation projects. The Ringtail tally is a great opportunity to find out where possums live in your community – from urban backyards to parks to school grounds! You can find out more about the history of the Ringtail Tally at the GeoCatch website here.

To register to take part in the Ringtail tally, sign up via your local catchment group by clicking the images below:

Cape to Cape Catchment:

Geographe Catchment:

Leschenault Catchment:

Oyster Harbour Catchment:

Peel Yalgorup Catchment:

What’s New?

Participants now have the option to record sightings online or via the Survey123 mobile app. Click the links below for instructions or to view an instruction video:

Click to download User Guide (PDF, 885kb)

Click to view Instruction Video (YouTube)

Survey123 Links

  1. Contact and site registration (complete once)
  2. Evening tally survey sheet (repeat this survey each night you are completing the tally)
  3. Tally completion – Additional information (complete once at the completion of the tally period)

Western Ringtail Possum Sightings During 2022 Ringtail Tally

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