SWCC Showcase to Australian Government

SWCC Threatened Species Program Manager, Dr. Brian Chambers, and Sustainability and Environment Lead, Linda Metz, enjoyed a day out touring project sites with Neil Riches from the Department of Agriculture, Water and Environment earlier this week.

The site tour included state forest on the Upper Warren area where new technology in feral cat control is currently being trialed (click here for more information on this project).  The Felixer™ grooming traps which, if successful, may add another tool to the feral animal control toolbox for government agencies and other land managers.  The units have been specifically designed to target cats and foxes through a complex arrangement of sensors and algorithms.

Felixer™ unit

The group then visited Ridgewood Farm in Ballingup to get an insight into the e-DNA pollinator program which is investigating the benefits of inter-row planting in avocado orchards (click here for more information on this project).  The trials look at determining what benefits different species of plants provide to pollinator services as well as the potential benefits of having revegetation using native species in close proximity to the orchard.

A fascinating day showcasing to the Australian Government the innovative projects that SWCC and its partners are involved with.

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