Managing and improving soil workshop

The Cidery, 43 Gifford Road, Bridgetown

Kathy Dawson and Adrian Williams  present  two fascinating workshops on the biological and physical nature of soil. Soil workshop flyer

Successful weed management and revegetation planting

The Cidery, 43 Gifford Road, Bridgetown

Two free workshops in one day.  Cheryl Hamence will present tried and tested methods for managing problem weeds and for successful revegetation projects based on 25 years of local experience and practice. Bookings are essential by 20 June. RSVP to Adrian Williams on 0427 086 299 See the flyer for more information

Sustainable Agriculture Workshops – Livestock Management Essentials & Living with Wildlife

The Cidery, 43 Gifford Road, Bridgetown

Livestock Management Essentials Presented by: John Lucey - Local Livestock Specialist All property owners who manage livestock should know what their animals require in terms of feed and water, shelter and fencing, and monitoring and treatments to maintain good health. The needs for each of these will change with the changing seasons. This workshop will cover what is needed to […]

Sustainable Agriculture Workshops – Adequate Water Storage & Water Use Efficiency in Irrigation

The Cidery, 43 Gifford Road, Bridgetown

Adequate Water Storage Presented by - Adrian Williams - Property Owner; Farm Water Auditor; Soil and Water Engineer & Peter Brown - Property Owner; Draglines Dam-It Contracting The workshop on adequate water storage will show you how to assess your domestic and property water needs, and evaporation losses. Based on this, we will show how to calculate tank sizes to […]

Sustainable Agriculture Workshops – Vertebrate Pest Management & Property Hygiene and Dieback Control

The Cidery, 43 Gifford Road, Bridgetown

Vertebrate Pest Management Presented by: Dr Peter Adams - Murdoch University; DAFWA & Jason Dearle - Pest Control Officer, DAFWA The vertebrate pest control workshop will examine the ecology of main vertebrate pests in this area (rabbits, foxes, pigs, feral cats) and the damage they do to the environment and to native fauna. Methods property owners can take to control […]

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